Part Number: SPRSSA4


  • SuperSprings
  • Specialist
  • Provides 1100 lbs of Additional Payload Capacity
  • Incl.Mounting Kit PN[MTKT] 
  • 40" x 2.5"  
  • Never Exceed Gross Vehicle Weight Rating


SuperSprings are easily and quickly installed directly above the vehicle rear leaf springs. They work in parallel with the vehicles existing suspension system. The increased spring-rate produced by installing SuperSprings helps eliminate vehicle rear-end sag and improves towing capabilities. SuperSprings unique anti-sway properties reduce body roll providing enhanced driver safety and control. These features are most noticeable when cornering, encountering strong cross winds or dealing with wind buffeting from other traffic.


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SuperSprings Helper Kit: Toyota Tundra 2007-Up

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