• Luke Parrott

WTS Now Offers SnugPRO Capsules!

Snugtop's lightweight SnugPro Capsule features an industry-first “drop in” design that snugly fits over the OEM wheel well providing maximum interior space.

Thanks to its one-piece Advanced Structural Composite construction the SnugPro Capsule weighs only 475 pounds—the lightest capsule in the industry. Moreover, it’s sleek, aerodynamic style enhances factory lines and contributes to optimum fuel economy. The SnugPro Capsule is specifically designed for each make and model truck and painted to match the color and gloss of the vehicle using the Axalta ChromaPremier process, preventing surface oxidation commonly occurring with a gelcoat finish.

A built-in LED brake light and optional rear-view camera add to its style and functionality.

Built for long-term durability, the SnugPro Capsule is reinforced to provide a hefty 500 lb. roof carrying capacity and compliment a wide assortment of ladder and material racks. Features like full-length heavy-duty door hinges, stainless steel T-handles, and three-point locking add to its rugged construction.

Multiple shelving, bed slide and ladder rack options enable businesses to tailor the SnugPro Capsule to their specific needs.

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