Advantages of Slip-On Utility bodies over

cab/chassis mounted standard utility bodies




Load'N'Go     Transferable Truck Bodies work well for Large Fleets and Small Contractors alike:

Transferability/Longevity/High ROI/Universal Fit:


  • No limitation for the uses of a specific vehicle - increasing the flexibility and asset value of the vehicle

  • No need to purchase, maintain and insure multiple vehicles – one truck can be used for several operations or departments

  • Simplifies purchasing or leasing

    • Standardization is becoming more important to fleet managers. Load'N'Go & Durashell bodies allow you to purchase or lease a standard pickup truck that will satisfy several user groups

    • Purchase or lease a work truck and when the vehicle arrives, quickly install the Fleetwest Body and the crew can go to work, no waiting weeks for a bolt-on body to be installed

  • Load'N'Go utility bodies outlast the chassis - When the chassis is replaced, or you're at the end of your lease, there is no need to pay for a new utility body, with a Load'N'Go, simply transfer the body to the new truck

  • Load'N'Go bodies will outlast traditional utility bodies in harsh environments due to a large portion of the body being protected from the elements, road debris and salt by the truck bed. Plus the added durability and rust prevention afforded by our fully powder coated finish.

  • You never lose access to your body, tools and equipment

  • If your truck requires service or is in an accident, simply transfer the entire body to another truck and continue working and earning

  • The vehicle does not require recertification

  • Factory fuel lines, bumpers, electrical are left untouched

  • Resale value on a pickup is generally always higher than on a used cab/chassis with a utility body. 

  • Unload the body at a job site and use the body as a job box

  • Value: In any apples to apples comparison, the Load'N'Go Bodies offer much more value for your money over a traditional bolt on service body. Fully Transferable, Universal Fit, Powder Coated Finish, 1000 lbs. Capacity Tool Drawer & Premium Hardware. 


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Load'N'Go Sportsman F150